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iGov Solutions proudly serving the Government to serve its citizens better.
iGov Solutions provides One-Stop Shop regulatory licensing and enforcement software to state licensing boards. Our software automates every step of the licensing application, renewal processing and payment processing. Below are various software packages that we offer to licensing boards.
Our solution supports work-flow and user driven customization. As each Board does things differently, you don’t have to change the way you do business; our software can be configured to your workflow. Our implementation team has combined experience of more than three decades and you can count on our experience for a timely and successful deployment.

iLEMS™ Office

iGov Solutions offers a state of the art, SaaS (Software as a Service) Regulatory Licensing Software called iLEMS™ (Integrated Licensing and Enforcement Management System) that encompasses all aspects of Regulatory Licensing from Application process to Compliance. iLEMS™ uses the latest Microsoft tools and technologies to provide a robust, work-flow based, and user driven customization flows as one-stop solution for the Regulatory Boards. iLEMS™ includes the following divisions that are integrated into one comprehensive solution:


Individual and business profiles, Applications, Automatic License Issuance, Education, Examination, Reactivations, Reports, and Correspondence


Manage Users, Manage User Types, Manage License Types, Manage Look Ups


CE hour’s integration from providers and random generation audits


Add invoices, add payments, automated report of collections


Adding and tracking all mails, payments and correspondence to the agency


Complaints, Compliance, Investigations, Prosecution and Inspections


Single-view details page, Documents, Third-party integration, Journals, Smart Grids

iLEMS™ Online Applications

iGov Solutions offers a variety of Online Applications for Regulatory Licensing Boards. This includes:

  • License Renewals
  • Initial Licensing Applications
  • Inactivate/Reactivate Licenses
  • License Verification
  • License Lookup
  • Profile- Updating Name, Address, and Employment details online
  • Paying Fee/Fine
  • Duplicate License Request

iLEMS™ Inspections

iGov Solutions offers field Inspection forms for Boards that have site visits. These inspection forms work on desktop, laptops and tablets (Android and iOS). The inspection forms interact real time with iLEMS™ Office by consuming relevant details and also by uploading the finished inspection forms directly to iLEMS™ Office.

iLEMS™ Public Portal

iGov Solutions public portal allows licensees, business owners and citizens to lookup license, check status of new application, maintain profile, submit official complaints and more.

iLEMS™ Hosting

iGov Solutions offers secure FedRamp compliant hosting services at affordable price.

iLEMS™ Doc-Tracker

iGov Solutions offers an on-board as well as stand-alone document repository software. iLEMS™ Office is pre-packaged with an on board documents section that allows uploading, downloading and viewing various types of files including PDF, MS Word, JPEG, and TIFF.

iLEMS™ E-Pay

iGov Solutions offers e-checks, credit/debit card processing services. These online credit/debit transactions are typically integrated with the iLEMS™ Online Applications and iLEMS™ Office for walk-ins. In addition, by being the Board’s single point of contact, iGov Solutions reduces overhead as we take full responsibility of coordinating with all the relevant players in credit/debit-card processing, including card companies, merchant banks, and Payment Card Industry (PCI) for compliance. For more details on our payment processing options, please visit https://burtonplatform.com.

iLEMS™ Correspondence

iLEMS™ Correspondence Tool gives a quicker way to generate letters and forms with features as follows:

  • Ability to generate your own letters and correspondence on the fly
  • Simple interfaces that mimics Microsoft Word capabilities
  • Integrated with your Database
  • Print as Word/Pdf
  • Envelopes/Labels

iLEMS™ Report

iLEMS™ Reports Tool gives a quicker way to generate ad-hoc reports with features as follows:

  • Ability to generate reports using a simple user interface that allows point and click
  • Option to save report for future uses
  • Export to Word, Excel, or PDF

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